Superior Property Management


Goldfield Properties Limited is a family run business that was set up by Mark Donnellan, who after nearly twenty years of working for other’s wanted to do the job on a far more personal, efficient and human basis.

This philosophy has proved very successful so far and our portfolio is rising steadily and currently stands at 3,000 units, acting for corporate and private clients.

We predominantly act for resident Management Companies, but manage on behalf of freeholders and private individuals as well. Our largest site has over 350 flats and houses and our smallest are converted houses, however the size of the development has no bearing on our focus on providing the level of service are clients want and expect.

The property management team is based in Iver Heath, which means we can reach most sites within a reasonable period of time. We handle a variety of tasks everything from supervising the day to day activities of cleaners and gardeners, through minor repairs et cetera, to larger long term planned maintenance programmes and major refurbishment work.

New instructions come from two main sources. Most commonly, from recommendations from existing clients or residents in the blocks under our management. This is particularly positive due to the references we can supply potential clients.

Secondly we receive a lot of ex new build work from residential developers such as Laing Homes, Barrett’s and Fairview New Homes.

When we take on a management it is audited and analysed fully. The Leases and other legal documents are thoroughly studied and a complete picture is ascertained. Alongside this paperwork exercise a detailed site survey is carried out to familiarise ourselves with the maintenance requirements and any on site staff. All of this information is collated and detailed maintenance and estimates are produced. From here we are confident we can proceed with the management of the property in a positive, proactive, professional manner.

Our staff makes regular inspections and prepare monthly site visit reports for our clients.

Especially now with the rise in resident Management Companies, we work closely with the Directors to maximise communication and minimise misunderstandings. Our proactive approach is geared to the needs of the residents, clients and the property itself. We prepare draft estimates for our clients, attend and usually chair the AGM, and attend any meetings as and when required.

We operate a full Company Secretarial service through our thorough knowledge of the Companies Act 1985 and other relevant statutes. On a near daily basis we deal with Companies House as regards to Annual Accounts, Directorship changes, Annual Returns and Share transfers.